Denton County Veterans’ Treatment Court Program

Veterans’ Court

“The Denton County Veterans’ Treatment Court Program, approved by Commissioner’s Court, is a collaborative process between the court, defense counsel and prosecutors to treat combat-related health conditions that lead to criminal behavior. Once veterans graduate from the program, the Denton County District Attorney’s Office will wipe his or her criminal record clean.” (quote from DRC – Megan Hatfield in June 2014). Judge Forrest Beadle presides over this program and meets with the treatment team and veterans twice a month to monitor participant progress.

Rahna Cutting, LCDC, LPC, served under Judge David Garcia from 2013 to 2016 in assisting veterans to find appropriate resources for clinical needs. Mrs. Cutting rejoined the clinical team under Judge Beadle in January 2019.

Denton County DWI Repeat Offender Court

DWI Repeat Offender Court

This court is one of many similar programs across the stated where qualifying repeat offenders, misdemeanor and felony, are given the privilege of having significant accountability and treatment requirements. Started by Judge Richard Podgorski (now retired) in 2005, now overseen by the presiding judge, the Honorable Judge Coby Waddill of ‘County Criminal Court at Law #5’. Judge Waddill has diligently built on the program’s existing foundation – the court has a reputation of offering high-quality standards of legal accountability, treatment provision, and family involvement, to offer extensive support to the participant and their support system. Judge Waddill and the treatment team (consisting of a specially trained probation officer, prosecutor and defense attorney) have helped many people gain a new lease on their former life of substance-related offenses.

Mrs. Cutting has been uniquely trained on the state and national levels to provide clinical assistance to the treatment team and to potential candidates for the court program.