Sharp Family Services, LLC offers general counseling services to help with a variety of situations and issues.

Parent Facilitation

This alternative dispute resolution process is a child-focused alternative to ongoing litigation where a licensed mental health professional with specific mediation training and expertise assists high conflict parents to engage a parenting plan.

Blending Families

Are you considering remarriage? Discover how to live in a “blended” family without getting “whipped”. Be well-informed before you take the plunge and learn the potential pitfalls and rewards of having bonus children and parents. With the right skills, it can work!

Co-Parenting / Parallel Parenting

Although you and your children’s other parent are no longer married, how can you effectively continue in the co-parenting in a calm, respectful and responsible way? Often values differ significantly and there may be new partners added to the mix.

Child Custody / Adoption Home Studies

This process evaluates home environments for children whose emotional lives are at stake. In this process, our team meets with all parties, reviews all documents, and talks with collateral sources to assist in determining the best living environment for the children.

Dating / Relationship Issues

Do you find yourself repeatedly going down the path of an opportunity that seems golden, only to find the relationship tarnished and broken? Learn how to avoid repeating those habits and the pain that accompanies many failed relationships.

Divorce Preparation

Divorce is never an easy or quick decision. There are many elements to consider in this painful process. Be sure you carefully evaluate the various landmines so that you can emerge confident and prepared rather than frazzled and afraid.

Divorce Recovery

Finding your way after a painful divorce can be terrifying. Seek healthy coping skills as you learn to welcome new opportunities in your life. Let us help you move on and create the life you know is possible.


Are the challenges of raising children and facilitating adolescence causing you to worry and at times get angrier and more frightened than you realized? Learn effective parenting strategies that will facilitate enhancing your home’s atmosphere of true peace.

Court Services / Court-Ordered Programs

Sharp Family Services, LLC has worked with many noted therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, judges, and attorneys over the years.

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Specialty Courts

Sharp Family Services, LLC works with the Denton County Veteran’s Treatment Court Program, and the Denton County DWI Repeat Offender Court.

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