Family Law and Criminal Law Consulting and Coaching

Sharp Family Services, LLC, serves attorneys and their clients with case review and consulting to help everyone be better prepared to negotiate or litigate to reach your clients’ goals, whether they are obtaining primary custody of children or avoiding a criminal conviction that could lead to foreseeable problems.

Attorneys use Rahna Cutting for mental health consulting for many reasons. First, Mrs. Cutting has dual licensing, as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). She issue spots at the beginning of a case when strategy includes mental health components. She saves attorney time and billing for complex legal issues, as mental health issues can be handled by contracted in-house consultant, Mrs. Rahna Cutting.

When to contact Sharp Family Services, LLC, for Litigation Consulting & Coaching

  • Assisting in case strategy with respect to mental health or chemical dependency concerns
  • Reviewing & advising on mental health issues before and during hearings and trials
  • Preparing witnesses for participating in mediation and testifying at hearings and trials

Sharp Family Services, LLC, works with individual family law firms and criminal law firms on an independently contracted basis and they know everyone has their own needs and requests. At Sharp Family Services, LLC, we keep in touch and share ideas and examples of the best ways to use our services in your family and criminal cases.